Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Learning Never Stops

Matt just had a great lesson in Home Ec. And when I say great lesson in Home Ec, I mean I made him mop my bathroom floor. So when all of those homeschoolers tell you homeschooling is fabulous, this is what they mean. You make your kids do housework and call it Home Ec. When someone clogs the toilet, you make your homeschool kid unclog it and call it Introduction to Plumbing.

Of course, when I said I "made" him mop the floor, I didn't actually make him. He ASKED to do it. THUD!, right? Whose kid does that?!

Mine does.

And now we're going to pretend his awesomeness is all due to my fantastic parenting skills. Disclaimer: Jamie's dirty clothes piled MILES HIGH on his floor do not reflect my parenting skills. Neither does his current annoying cocky attitude. I'm going to blame that on public schools.

Immediately following mopping, Matt wants to discuss whether endangered insects would be protected under the Endangered Species Act, even if they are harmful to crops. Would people be motivated to save a living species if it doesn't benefit them to do so? If no, is that fair. What if the insect has a benefit to our environment we aren't aware of. The circle of life, after all!

I'm telling you, the learning never stops around here. Never. Stops. Never. Ever. OMFG.

Next lesson up - Bartending 101.


  1. Perhaps Payton can go on a Home Ec field trip next? To my house, for example.

  2. Absolutely, Marinka. As long as I get to chaperone.

  3. hey, can i get in on that home ec housecleaning field trip thing? i'll throw in an educational side trip to yellowstone!