Friday, March 18, 2011

Important Announcement!

Stop what you're doing, I have an important announcement to make.

I laughed today!

Shut up. It's a big deal, okay?  Especially since I laughed over something trivial and ridiculous, meaning it didn't take a GINORMOUS amount of humor to affect me.

Now, this laughter happened about 30 minutes after my first extra-strength apple martini. That may not be coincidental. Maybe that's what I've been missing for almost five months - alcohol! (Hindsight says, "duh!") I don't care what those AA maniacs say, sobriety isn't that great. It turns out I am a complete unimaginative bore when sober.

Of course, this laughter also occurred 30 minutes after I ate chips and salsa after weeks of a 1200 calorie/day diet. And losing NO FUCKING WEIGHT. So I can be a size 10 and happy or a size 8 and depressed. It's a good thing I realized this since pot pie is apparently the dish du jour with celebrities right now.  Finally I'm ready to have Mick Jagger over for dinner.

Do you know what the great thing is about ignoring all of the rules of how to switch over your blog domain and going about it all the wrong way instead? That I can have writer's block, write a bunch of awful, meaningless shit and only seven of you know about it. Welcome to the inner sanctum of my mind! I hope you feel special.


  1. I'm dying - what was your blog before?! I didn't read it! I found you through a comment you left somewhere in the last couple of days...and I'm so glad you laughed. And you realized you can be a happy size 10. Seriously. I was a 12 when I got married 7 years ago. Then gained a bunch of weight and was a 16 for ever. Last year, after having my second baby, I made changes, did a triathlon, and lost 40 pounds! I'm now a healthy 10, and I feel AMAZING! (Tho, truth be told, an 8 would sweet too.) (But that ain't happening this I just spilled on my blog, I'm pregnant again!)

    Anyway, enough about me. Yay for laughing! And appletinis! And weekends!

  2. Yes, I do feel special. And I'm glad that you laughed. Here's to more of that.

  3. Yay for laughing - keep it up!!

    But wait, is a size 10 bad?

  4. I've been swimming through the depths of depression the past few months, and I understand just how big a spontaneous bit of laughter can be.

    I'm laughing a bit more these days, and I hope you are too.